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Heart Rate Monitor UK Polar TImex Suunto Garmin CardioSport

Heart rate monitors ~ ALL

Polar Heart Monitors

Garmin Forerunner 210

Garmin Edge 800


Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Garmin FR60

Suunto T3D heart monitor

Suunto T6D heart monitor

This is BHIP Ltd's main site. BHIP Ltd are the UK's undisputed number 1 online supplier of heart rate monitors. Over 140 different models, 8 makes, expert, impartial advice from the company's experienced Directors will ensure the perfect match HRM every time to buy online. Polar UK National Account status

iPhone Heart Monitor

iPod Touch HRM APP

iPhone heart monitor app

Heart Rate Monitor app

Zephyr Bluetooth Heart rate monitor belt ~ HxM

BHIP Ltd have managed various websites since 1999. Our primary website is heartratemonitor.co.uk - the UK's best source for impartial and objective heart rate monitor advice and sales. In 2010 we teamed up with Simon Wegerif from HRV Fit with the intention of utilising our experiences and skills to bring the public a reliable and useful heart rate monitor application for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Gerber Tools

Gerber Knives

Gerber Torches

Gerber Hunting FREEMAN collection

Gerber Tools, knives and lighting with an internation lifetime warranty. Gerber, like Leatherman, offer highest quality tools with zero tolerance to compromise and performance. Tools and knives from under £20 including the US Seals approved MP800 Gerber Legend

Leatherman Style tools

Leatherman tools Leatherman torches Leatherman UK

Leatherman Tools

Leatherman Wave

Leatherman Torches

Leatherman Torch

Leatherman Charge

Leatherman Charge AL ALX

The Leatherman tool with it's UK based lifetime warranty is the most capable multi tool on the planet. Leatherman have a multi tool for all uses and to fit all budgets, from under £30 to over £100.

Leatherman Authorised dealer

Leatherman now have a great range of secateurs / pruners for the gardening enthusiast. These new secateurs - pruners are also compatible with the Leatherman tool driver to give even more functionality to these secateurs

GPS Speed units

GPS Windsurfing speed

GPS units for high performance dinghies

GPS for small boats - Velocitek Speed Puck

GPS speedsurfing

A selection of 100% waterproof GPS devices for all water based activities. Great for sailors, windsurfers, jet skiers, small boats, performance dinghies, water skiers and much more. One second recording with large memory and direct USB PC download to GPS ActionReplay for full tactical analysis. Downloads in a format accepted by gps-speedsurfing.com

Ortlieb Bicycle Panniers

Bike bags and panniers

Cycle bags - saddle bags

A selection of the worlds best bicycle bags from Ortlieb. Saddle bags handlebar bags, classic back roller panniers and much more - with great REAL LIFE photogrpahs


Kestrel Anemometers

La Crosse Anemometer

Anemometers by La Crosse technologies and Kestrel to buy online. This is a specialist site with 7 different models of hand held anemometer available to buy online
Power Predictor Wind Speed and Solar power viability monitoring data logger

Power Predictor wind speed data logger / solar logger

Wind Speed data logging


Forecast the weather from home with a La Crosse Technolgy Weather Station. The weather forecast is based on barometric variation and predicts the weather for the next 6 - 12 hours.

We stock a small range of weather stations that can also download to your PC and broadcast data to a live website.

Cefar EMS TENS electronic muscle stimulators

Compex EMS electronic muscle stimulators and TENS machines

Compex Muscle Stimulators

CEFAR EMS and TENS units

Compex EMS

Cefar Body Clock TENS

Globus Activa 500 EMS + TENS unit

Back Pain DVD

Back Pain Treatment

Electronic muscle stimulation is regarded as an effective parallel training routine for people on the go. An EMS session can be used to simulate almost all natural muscular contractions from a long steady jog (endurance) to plyometric burts, as in sprinting. Compex and Cefar EMS units are the perfect training partner

We also sell specific TENS machines for the treatment of common back pain. Back Pain Treatment TENS machines are available here. We also have a list of back pain DVDs and back pain books

Pedometers from Omron - Timex and Oregon Scientific and Silva pedometer

Step counter - pedometer wrist watch style

Pedometers step counters

Silva Pedometers - step counters

Oregon Scientific Pedometer - step counters

10,000 steps to fitness

Stay fit and healthy with a little help from a pedometer. Motivate yourself to achieve 10,000 steps per day with a pocket pedometer. Models from under £15 to over £35 - a great selection of step counters and pedometers to buy online

Swiss army Watches

Wenger Swiss army watch

The World Famous WENGER Swiss Army knife company now has a collection of SWISS MADE watches. The Swiss Army Watch offers great quality, value for money and style from under £80. Wenger Swiss Army watches.

Equine HRM

Horse Heart Monitors

Polar are known as world leaders in heart rate monitors and they also lead the field in Equine, horse, heart rate monitoring technology. We stock the complete range from under £70 for basic equine HRM models.
Bowflex Pulse monitors strapless heart rate monitors

Pulse Monitors

Strapless Heart Monitor

Pulse Watches

Pulse Watch UK

Heart Rate Monitors, as sold on our site, www.heartratemonitor.co.uk require the use of a chest strap to sense the stimulation of the heart and send the data to a wrist unit. Pulse monitors do not require the use of a chest strap. They require the user to touch sensors on the watch to get a reading.

Fisher space pens

Fisher spacepen

Fisher Space pens are what the US space mission used to enable them to write in zero gravity environments. Stylish, portable and comfortable to hold, the Fisher Space pen is always the perfect gift for the "hard to buy for" friend.

Pool Mate swim watch

Pool-mate swimmers watch

The Pool-Mate is the only fully automatic lap and stroke counter for swimmers. It will work with all major strokes, all abilities of swimmer and all sizes of pool.

The Pool-Mate will display Lap count, Time, Average Strokes per lap, Speed, Distance, Calories and Efficiency, all completely automatically and store details in a large memory for recall at your leisure

Powerbreathe : lung trainer respiratory trainer

Powerbreathe PLUS

Inspiratory trainer - power breathe

POWERbreathe is a hand-held inspiratory muscle trainer, which is a unique, easy-to-use, drug free product designed to help reduce breathlessness, improve fitness and maximise sports performance. Heart Rate Monitor UK highly recommend these products and can vouch for their effectiveness both in their use on sports persons and also in the treatment of EIA, exercise induced asthma

Inova LED torch

Inova Torches

Inova Torches - if you are looking for a fantastic quality, reliable superbright LED torch, Inova Torches have the torch for you - from under £18 up to under £40 with up to 4.6 Watt LED output, you don't get better than these LED torches

Inka pens

Write anywhere Inka Pen

Inka PENS have developed a new product category of writing instruments that are specifically designed for use in extreme environments. Inka accomplishes this by combining innovative designs, broad experience in the design and manufacturing of high-precision instrumentation for use in extreme environments.

Swiss army knives

Wenger Swiss army knives

Swiss army knife

Nail Cutters

Nail Clippers

Swiss Army knives comes in many brands but there is only one ORIGINAL Swiss Army knife and that is the Wenger Swiss Army Knife. We stock most popular models.

Wenger make some of the smartest Swiss Army nail clippers / nail cutters on the market. Dual purpose nail cutters, nail clippers and Swiss Army knife... what more could you want?

Toollogic Survival knife and Rescue knives

Tool Logic Knives



Our most popular, Locking blade survival knives the Toollogic survival / rescue knife.

This popular range of locking safety / rescue / survival knife has 3 options - one with a torch - one with a firestarter - one with a watertight compartment. All have a very sharp 3" blade with partial serration to cut rope or cloth

We now also sell the top of range Toollogic SLP2 and SLP3 survival knives.

Knife sharpening kits - knife sharpeners

Knife sharpening kits

Knife sharpeners

Knife Sharpening tools

Most of our customers will have need at some time or other to sharpen their Leatherman, Gerber, or Wenger Swiss Army knife, so we chose the world's best sharpeners, Gatco, as the choice of knife sharpener for our discerning clients.

We have knife sharpeners from under £10 to over £60 - we have tried and tested ALL the knife sharpeners

Sell Smoothie Drinks

Smoothie Fresh Norfolk

Fresh Fruit Smoothie Drinks - Norfolk dealer

The Norfolk Smoothie Company are the distributors of the Smoothie Fresh smoothie drinks around North Norfolk. If you have a cafe, garden centre, visitor centre, restaraunt or other similar outlet that could benefit from the sale of these supreme quality fresh fruit smoothie drinks, then please contact them through www.norfolk-smoothies.co.uk

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Holidaying in Norfolk - Cottage to Rent

visit Holiday Cottage to Rent - North Norfolk

Holiday cottage to rent in North Norfolk
A lovely old terraced property in the Norfolk country town of Dersingham. Available to rent 365 days of the year. Holiday cottage to rent with 2 bedrooms, can sleep 4 - 5. Access to a BEACH HUT in Heacham for all customers of Fisherman's cottage. This holiday cottage is just 10 minutes walk from the Royal Sandringham estate. Cottage to Rent for Holidays in Norfolk - Dersingham



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