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Stock Trading advice from UK consummer help group Which?

The "Which" Guide to Shares, by "Which" Books (less than 10.00)
Stock Trading advice from UK consummer help group Which?

Synopsis - online share dealing guide from WHICH?

In Britain, one in four adults has become a share-owner, having responded to privatization issues and windfall shares from insurance company and building society conversions. If you already have one or two shareholdings, or you are considering shares for the first time, this book will show you how these fascinating and versatile investments can help you achieve your financial ambitions. It covers: the role of shares in financial planning; how to buy and sell shares in the high street, through a traditional broker, or over the Internet; the range of shares available; risk - and how to turn it to your advantage; how shares are taxed, and how, legitimately, to avoid tax; portfolios for every pocket; the perks that accompany some shares; mastering rights issues, takeover bids, and so on; and how to play the stock market without even buying any shares. This revised edition contains new information on privare share transfers, the taxation of capital gains, share buybacks and special types of share such as "zeros". A detailed introduction to the intriguing, fun and potentially rewarding world of share ownership, "The Which? Guide to Shares" comes complete with extensive glossary and a useful address section.

Online Stock Brokers explained, online stock trading help guide

The NEW Online Investor, by Peter Temple (approx 20.00)
Online Stock Brokers explained, online stock trading help guide

Book Description

The essential guide to online investingThis fully revised and updated second edition of the successful The Online Investor moves on to meet the more sophisticated demands of current investors. And while all the basics are still here, the focus of this new edition is on the analysis of information available on the Internet and how to acquire the same quality and timeliness of information as the professionals when trying to make the most effective financial decisions.New chapters on the fundamentals of investing including case studies. *Completely up-to-date with a comprehensive list of key investment sites.Peter Temple (London, UK) spent eighteen years as a fund manager and analyst before moving to full-time writing and journalism. He is the author of the highly successful The Online Investor (Wiley) and a former member of the London Stock Exchange.


Technological advances and the availability of online trading and information have enabled the private investor to bypass the more traditional stockbroking and investment management routes to conduct his or her own investment activities. Twenty-five per cent of all retail trades in the US are conducted online, a figure that is expected to double by the year 2001. Stockbrokers offering online services have expanded rapidly over the past year and Charles Schwab, the market leader, estimates that 50 per cent of its 100,000 daily trades over several months have been conducted online. High quality up-to-date information is essential in order for this rapidly expanding market of private investors to operate effectively. Peter Temple's fully revised and updated edition, although not omitting the basics of online investment for those who still need them, moves on to meet the more sophisticated demands of investors.

Investing in Stocks and Shares

This handbook guides the reader step-by-step through the things he or she needs to know about investing in stock and shares: factors affecting share prices, how to avoid undue risks and how to deal on the stock market. Investment opportunities in futures, options, bonds and gilts are also explored.

The FOOLS guide to investing

The FOOLS guide to Investing, by Nigel Roberts (Approx 5.00)
Very popular book, ideal for anyone starting in online stock trading

Book Jacket

Want to invest money using the Internet, but you don't know where to start? The Motley Fools are the ideal people to help you untangle the World Wide Web and enrich yourself without getting lost in cyberspace.

The Fools Guide to Online Investing will help novice and experienced Fools get the best out of the Internet. It is a comprehensive guide to the services available to the online investor, presented in the Fool's light-hearted style.

This serious guide for the Foolish investor will tell you how to get online, open a brokerage account, research companies, avoid common pitfalls and silly mistakes, and invest easily and cheaply in the USA. Surf to prosperity with the Motley Fool.


This guide, based on the "Motley Fools" website offers novice and experienced investors a comprehensive but light-hearted overview of the internet services available, including how to get online, open a brokerage account, research companies, avoid daytrading and invest in the USA and Europe.

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